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Hi. I was born an optimist loving life into a great family in Steamboat Springs, Colorado 1949.

Raised in the New Jersey countryside about 40 miles from Manhattan. Graduated high school in 1967, the "summer of love".

Turned-on to Colombian Gold Cannabis in 1968 in Miami Beach and it said to me; "Let's be friends." :-)

I was trained as a G2 intelligence analyst by the U.S. Army 1970-71. I sued the Army pro se on moral grounds and won an Honorable Discharge and full benefits reportedly due to my "sincerity".

I ran for Mayor of Denver, Colorado in 1978 partly to end the wicked and harmful prohibition of "marihuana".

Moved to this incredible jewel of an island in 1986 and became a pro-Cannabis hemp / human rights activist almost immediately due to the common abuses caused by excessive prohibition, ignorance and corruption. I volunteered for duty here as an intelligence analyst in the war on marijuana for We the people. I'm an archivist with a terrific library and extensive files.

I created MPAC, the Marijuana Political Action Committee in 1987 as a tool for lobbying the legislature.

Same thing with the Hawai'i Hemp Council in Pahoa 1991. We lobbied for industrial hemp as a substitute for sugar cane.

I trained as a Religious Science Practitioner in metaphysics 1987-93.

Joined the Religion of Jesus Church in 1993. Ordained in 2000 as a Cannabis Sacrament Minister. Licensed by the Department of Health State of Hawai'i to legally marry people specifically as a "Cannabis sacrament" Minister. License 00-313.

Was a founding partner in the Hawaiian Hemp Company in Pahoa in 1992.

I pro se sued the former Hawai'i County Mayor and the majority of the Hawai'i County Council for malfeasance in office in 1999 and succeeded in stopping all D.E.A. grants to local H.P.D. for one fiscal year.

I'm the founder of The Hawai'i Cannabis THC Ministry in 2000 in Hilo. I rediscovered making and using the holy anointng oil of Moses and the christening oil of Jesus with the sacred recipe of Exodus 30:23.

In 2008 I invented and helped to design and promote the Peaceful Sky ballot initiative which won the election and created Hawai'i County Ordinance 08-181. It's officially called the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority of Cannabis Ordinance.

I was arrested with the "Green Fourteen" in July 2010 for operating the THC Ministry. Insiders told us that I was actually arrested for helping to shut-down the 40 year old marijuana eradication program. I was denied bail eight times in our federal prosecution, denied a religious defense and a fair trial. Convicted of first offense, victimless crimes and served 50 months in federal detention and four years probation. My wife Share was also convicted of Cannabis crimes with me and is on probation until 9/21/21. I'm reporting, not complaining.

I co-founded the Anointed Amish in Ohio in 2020 with real holy anointing oil.

My wife Share and I (and millions of others) know Cannabis to be a unique and essential spiritual sacrament worthy of First Amendment protections for health, happiness, holiness and more.

Roger Christie

Roger Christie

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